unit 1 db 5-7 paragraphs

unit 1 db 5-7 paragraphs. You have a friend who has been recently paroled to your town.ÿYou know he has been using crack cocaine daily for about 6 months. You are worried that your friend might be addicted and in trouble.ÿHe has become more paranoid and argumentative. You do not know where to turn for help. You call the local drug abuse hotline and they tell you that he needs an intervention. However, if you intervene this might mean that he breaks parole and will be incarcerated for the next several years. You also know that he is able to get drugs in prison and this will not break the cycle of his addictions.ÿAssignment GuidelinesIn 5?7 paragraphs, address the following:What form of treatment do you think your friend might need? Why?What are the ramifications for you and your friend if you take steps to help? Explain.Do you think that the risk is worth the potential result? Why or why not?Do you think it is your place to intervene or to suggest treatment options? Explain

unit 1 db 5-7 paragraphs


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