Unit 2 Master

Unit 2 Master. n this unit, marketing?s role in the achievement of an organization?s objectives was introduced.Practice: Imagine your company (or the business where you?d like to work) has asked you to conduct a market analysis using market segmentation, market potential, and strategies. This is market analysis will be added to the organization?s final marketing plan. Throughout this course each unit assignment will be developed as part of your Final Project Marketing Plan.Market Analysis Using Market Segmentation, Market Potential, and StrategiesProvide an introduction to Market Analysis using the criteria listed.Define your company?s market for a new or existing productDescribe Market segmentation for your company?s productDescribe the Market Potential and strategiesIntroduce one market metric or chart that is important to the final marketing plan. Describe that metric or chart and its importance to this type of marketing plan.Please submit your outline for Unit #2 Project Milestone Activity #3 to the grade book.PLEASE SEE RUBRIC FOR GRADING CRITERIA

Unit 2 Master


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