Unit 5 IP SCM

Unit 5 IP SCM. Key Assignment For your final submission of your Key Assignment, you will make changes to the draft submitted in Unit 4 based on your instructor’s feedback. Then you will add Part 2 to the final key assignment.Part 1 (1,250?1,500 words): Plus the MRP templateMake corrections to the Part 1 rough draft from Phase 4 based on the instructor’s feedback. Highlight the sections in yellow where changes were made.Part 2 (850?1,150 words)What would be some key performance indicators that you as the supply chain manager should be measured against in your Part 1 strategic plan?Keep in mind that you are a consumer products firm trying to improve customer service levels, reduce excess inventories, and so forth. Identify at least 5 of these indicators, showing the formula to calculate them and the source of the information. Describe why you picked these indicators.For each one, if the indicator showed you being worse than your target, what areas of your SCM system would you look at for possible remedies?Now assume the plant capacity is only 1,100 per month, but your forecast remains as above. Describe in words, not numbers, how this would change your production plan if your planned safety stock levels are still to be maintained.

Unit 5 IP SCM


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