Unit 6 Assignment: What Is Autism?

Unit 6 Assignment: What Is Autism?. For this Assignment, you are going to create an autism booklet intended to educate parents, grandparents, and others. Your booklet should provide an overview of autism and describe how autism has evolved over time to shape current views of this disorder. Some of the original theories and causes of autism have resulted in some misconceptions, and this booklet can be used to show how times have changed.Please click theÿView/Printÿicon below for detailed directions regarding the information to include in your booklet. Please click theÿResourcesÿicon below to access a template that you can use to complete your booklet.Submitting Your Assignment:Submit your completed Assignment to theÿUnit 6: Assignment Dropbox. If you need help using the Dropbox, see the Dropbox Guide located in the Academic Tools.ID: CE340-06-08-A

Unit 6 Assignment: What Is Autism?


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