Unit VI Case Study

Unit VI Case Study. The standards in Subpart S are consistently in the top 10 in OSHA?s most frequently cited standards lists and highestpenalties assessed lists. The standards in Subpart S are complex and often misunderstood?even by professionalelectricians.Use the checklist here – (see attachment)to conduct an electrical safety inspection of your workplace. Add the citation for the OSHA standardfor each question. In the comments section for each item, include your recommendations for correcting the violations. If achecklist item does not apply to your organization, explain why in the comments. In the summary section at the end of thechecklist, discuss the significance of any noncompliance you found, and identify the types of injuries that might result if theviolations are left uncorrected.If you did not find any noncompliance, discuss what your organization does to prevent electrical safety violations andelectrical injuries. Compile the checklist information into a report that outlines the major issues, if any, found in yourworkplace.The case study should be a minimum of two pages in length (double-spaced), including the completed checklist. The reportmust follow APA guidelines for formatting, and the report must include a title page and reference page.

Unit VI Case Study


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