Urgent. EDUC 518Literature Review InstructionsWrite aÿ10?12-pageÿtraditionalÿLiteratureÿReview on the topic you have been researchingÿthroughout this course. Youÿmustÿincorporateÿaÿminimumÿof 10 articles, including the ones used for theÿTopical Reference Listÿas well asÿtheÿquantitative and qualitative articles you reviewed.ÿThisÿreviewÿmustÿbeÿa focusedÿsynthesisÿof findings in the literature.ÿThus,ÿyouÿwillÿorganize yourÿdiscussion aroundÿthemesÿthat emerged in your review of the literature, rather than simply summarizing study after study.Include the following elementsÿin your review:1.ÿTitle pageÿwithÿa running head2.ÿAbstract and keywords3.ÿBody?ÿIntroduction?ÿDiscussion of key terms?ÿReview of the literature organized by themes?ÿConclusion/Summary?ÿReference listFormat your Literature Reviewÿin correctÿAPA style.ÿAs you complete this assignment, consult your textbook.ÿAlso, see theÿLiterature Review GradingÿRubric for the specific grading criteria.Submit this assignment by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Sunday of Module/Week 7.



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