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w9d4 info. THE FOUNDATION ? ASSIGNMENT 2Living on Campus versus Living Off-CampusIntroductionWhen students are transitioning from high school to college the first decision that one has to make is in the living options. One has to decide on whether they are going to leave campus or get to live at home with family and relatives. The choices made are driven by several factors such as financial capability, access to school accommodation, the living conditions of students living in the halls of residence as well as proximity to their homes. Goes without saying that abroad students are exposed to living on campus as they try to get their way around their new environment whereas those students who study within their state get the option using the bus or train to commute to school. The decision on living arrangements has diverse effects on the academic performance of students, their participation in school extra-curricular activities as well as their independence and freedom Cutright, (2010). The has been research done to establish which option is better for first-year students and what opportunities are presented for all cases.Due to rise in inflation, the cost of school has multiplied which makes settlement exorbitant. Due to that, most proper techniques have been established for bringing down school cost that is acquired once a day. This article highlights the variables that influence the choice whether to go to school at home and live with guardians or go to an abroad school and live on the grounds. Settlement in school is about cost, as well as comfort is another critical issue in this choice. Living with Guardians is the most proficient approach to diminishing and overseeing school taken a toll since there will be fewer costs brought about. Day by day consumption will include transportation expenses back and forth the school and lunch. It will empower one to diminish spending on sustenance, settlement charge, nourishment and the average cost for basic items far from home. Living in grounds lodging will likewise be shoddy. It is exceptionally advantageous since there is no vehicle taken a toll as one can commute to and from classes much rapidly.The purpose of this research is to see the merits students get while living on campus as compared to those who live off campus. It also focuses on the challenges and experiences the students get while they undertake their studies and show how living on campus and on campus affects one’s academic performance.Problem Statement Students who commute to school daily face many challenges even though viewed as the most efficient option than the people who live on campus. Providing ground whether students are better off living on campus and vice versa. Challenges such as lack of time management, poor academic performance, missing college experience and limited access to social amenities are very detrimental to the students living off campus.Literature ReviewAccording to Cutright, (2010), living on-campus enables the students to concentrate fully on their studies since they have complete access to college amenities and they can manage their time well hence making it convenient. The students can manage their coursework schedule very easily, and they do not have to include any transportation cost. Living on-campus also has its drawbacks. For instance, a lot of expense is needed for the cost of living away from home, for food and accommodation.ÿ Privacy and interaction to the outside world are also a huge issue for students who live on-campus since it is limited to them thus affecting their growth to adulthood and independence.Living off-campus first affects the student?s performance since much of their time is lost on commuting, and they have fewer opportunities to interact with study groups. The off-campus students also have limited access to the college amenities such as the internet and the library and they as well incur a lot of cost for commuting. Ideally, the students can acclimate into adulthood very comfortably enabling them to be responsible citizens in the future due to their interactions with the outside world. Residing off-campus also guarantees complete privacy and space leading to comfort that is very vital to a student?s life (My College Options – Living On-Campus vs. Off-Campus, 2017). A study that focused on the differences and advantages between living in campus hostels as compared to off campus established the following. In most cases, colleges and universities are located in cities and town centers. It makes it difficult for students from rural areas to commute or attend college while living with their parents. Therefore, the only option available is either living in campus hostels or leaving the college. Students attending colleges in the traditional four-year system are presented with the opportunity to live away from home as they enter into adulthood. It will allow them to learn issues relating to responsibilities and manage their resources efficiently (Kuchar, 2017).ÿ It enables them to become responsible adults? in future after college as they get jobs and become responsible citizens. The study shows that the reason for living on campus was highly advantageous to the students. Living on campus makes life easy as it guarantees ready access to all forms of amenities such as Wi-Fi, library that is crucial in pursuit of academic goals. It also makes the trip to classes shorter that is advantageous for early levels. The student will also concentrate on class work, as they do not have to worry about issues such as rent. However, living in the campus limits the student on matters of privacy making it very inconvenient. On the other hand, living off campus will allow the student all the privacy required making it more comfortable. Students can interact and network with non-students since their neighbors are working class individuals. It allows students to become responsible, as they are independent adults. The drawbacks of living off campus are the expenses associated with commuting to and from college (Marquit. 2017). Independence in adulthood leads to increase in responsibilities that make it difficult to concentrate on course work.ÿÿÿÿÿ ÿAccording to this journal, it argues the point of accommodation in college based on limited hostel and living space in universities. It makes it difficult for all college students to live on the campus thus raises the issue of whether to live with the parent and commute daily or to live off campus. First-year students are given priority over seniors thus the need for developing the appropriate plan that will determine the best action of either living at home or venture into an out of Town College. College costs have become very expensive making them unaffordable to low and middle-income earners. It is the reason why students opt to live with nearby family members in an attempt to manage college costs. However, living in college makes students miss significant college experience. Colleges are the link between teenage to adulthood and the experiences incurred in universities regarding survival, and social interaction will be crucial in after college. Thy will aid in networking and become responsible citizens in the society. Those students who live off campus find it hard to concentrate on their coursework and usually perform poorly as they spend most of their time commuting and rarely do they find suitable study friends. Before making the decision to either live at home or reside in the campus, it is important to contemplate of college experiences, tally the costs involved in both communities and to reside on campus (Snider, 2017).It will enable the student to make an informed decision.ÿÿÿ The many studies conducted seek to respond to the heated debate on whether living on campus is better or off than staying off campus and vice versa. The already carried out research, however, has gaps on the scope of the study since they focus on students of one category. The focus of this research would be to cover on the lapses and conducted a quantitative and qualitative research in different universities and high school to understand the myths and facts on living arrangements.The research question would be whether college students are better off living on campus versus living off campus. The theory of intelligent and academic theory would be used to understand the findings. The academic theory already states that students who live on-campus record better GPA performance as compared to those living off campus. In term of intellectual growth and independence, the students are still better off when living on campus.ReferencesCutright, P. (2010). Students’ Decision to Attend College.ÿJournal of Educational Sociology,ÿ33(6), 292., K. (2017).ÿShould You Live at Home to Save Money During College? – The Simple Dollar.ÿThe Simple Dollar. Retrieved 23 April 2017, from (2017).ÿHow to Afford College Living Expenses – College Expenses.ÿStudent Loan. Retrieved 23 April 2017, from College Options – Living On-Campus vs. Off-Campus. (2017).ÿ Retrieved 23 April 2017, from, S. (2017).ÿWeigh the Pros; Cons to Living at Home in College.ÿ Retrieved 23 April 2017, from

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