watch videoooooo

watch videoooooo. ProjectÿReflection PaperYour paper should be divided into 2 major parts: Watch videos on link and answer each video with questions below.PART 1: ÿEACH COUNTRY INDIVIDUALLY.ÿAs you watch the presentations, some large questions to ponder for each country individually:*Each country should get its own paragraph where you answer the following questions?-What surprised you?-What did you find the most interesting?-What wasn?t appealing to you about the country and why?ÿÿIs it because of your culture?s lens?-What about this country/culture would you like to adopt into your culture?PART 2: SUMMATIVE – think about all the presentations together and answer the following:*Each question should have its own paragraph – give examples from specific country presentations and reference them specifically to demonstrate you watched all the presentations.-possibleÿtrends you found ? what are some similarities?-what are some large differences?-As you think about all the presentations, what about the course content jumps out at you?ÿÿCertain theories and chapters?-What do you find to be the most relevant amongst all the presentations?PAPER FORMAT:-This should be aÿminimum of 6 pages!! ÿYou will be graded on quality of analysis and demonstrating that you watched ALL of the online presentations.Links:New Zealand -ÿ Philippines -ÿÿÿ -ÿ -ÿ -ÿ -ÿ -ÿ -ÿ -ÿ -ÿ -ÿ”ÿi3qjriHk&feature=youtu.beÿEngland -ÿ -ÿ

watch videoooooo


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