week 2 math 209

week 2 math 209. FactoringJul 18 – Jul 24ÿÿ/ 17 pointsObjectives/Competencies2.1Convert the polynomials to factored form using Greatest Common Factor.2.2Convert trinomial expressions to the form x^2 + bx + c.2.3Modify trinomial expressions of the form ax^2 + bx +c to factored form.2.4Determine the factored form for special types of polynomial expressions.2.5Solve quadratic equations by factoring.Learning ActivitiesRequiredBeginning and Intermediate Algebra, Ch. 6, Sections 6.1?6.4 & 6.62List of Perfect Power Numbersno new messagesWeek 2 Videosno new messagesRecommendedAlgebra Lab: Functions, Polynomials, Factoring, Radical and Rational Expressionsno new messagesLive Math Tutoringno new messagesAssignmentsASSIGNMENT STATUSFRIENDLY NAMETITLEDUE DATEPOINTSUNREAD COMMENTSTotal Points/17ÿÿÿMyMathLab? Study Plan for Weekly CheckpointDue Jul 24, 11:59 PM/8no new messagesÿÿWeekly MyMathLab? CheckpointDue Jul 24, 11:59 PM/5no new messagesÿÿWeek 2 ParticipationDue Jul 24, 11:59 PM/4

week 2 math 209


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