WEEK 3. Purpose of AssignmentStudents should understand how to use the financial information and tools learned in the class on a public company, obtain public company SEC reports, and use that data to calculate a company’s financial ratios and their comparison to industry or competitor standards.Selectÿone of the publicly traded corporations listed below and obtain the most current SEC Form 10-K (annual financial report) from the company’s web site (Do not use the Annual Report that is sent to shareholders): APPLE CORPORATIONÿCalculateÿandÿanalyzeÿthe following ratios for your selected company for the last two years from the SEC Form 10-K:ÿNet Profit MarginCompareÿandÿcontrastÿyour company’s ratios to industry and competitor standard ratios obtained from Yahoo Finance, Morningstar, MotleyFool, Macroaxis or other Internet sources, and provide a detailed answer and analysis as to why your company’s ratios are different than the industry/competitor standard.Prepareÿyour analysis in a minimum of 175 words in Microsoft?ÿWord. The use of Microsoft?Word tables is encouraged.Citeÿthe source of the industry/competitor ratio information.Formatÿyour assignment consistent with APA guidelines.ÿClickÿthe Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.



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