Week 9 Assignment

Week 9 Assignment. Here is the instructions for this assignment. Please no plagiarism. I have included the outline that was completed with the instructors feedback and the template that is required.This is your week 9 APA template and will also serve as your Final project template for ethics.A few important things to note about your week 9 application and a sample final project:This isÿNO LONGERÿto be in outline format in terms of letters,ÿnumbers or roman numerals.ÿYou are starting to write your application.ÿYou will review the feedback from your week 5 outline (be sure to read my comments at the end of your paper and implement them.ÿYouÿONLYÿneed to complete the parts that are requested, but it is to be added to what you have already written.ÿIt isÿVERYÿimportant that you readÿALLÿthe requirements for the final project. Please be sure to take a look at the rubric in its entirety as the rubric outlinesÿEVERYTHINGÿthat I will be grading your final project on. Remember, it is worth a lot of points. You should have a reference page in this application. Be sure you are tying in citations throughout. You may write in first person and do not need an abstract for this paper. Make sure you are writing underÿEVERYsingle header including your title header. Be sure to put all font in Times New Roman Font 12 and double space your entire paper. Please do not use any block quotes. You may use small quotes sparingly, but be sure you have quotations and page numbers when quoting. I recommend instead of quoting you paraphrase the authors words in your own words and cite your author.ÿYou should present your Final Project as a 12- to 15-page (including cover page, abstract, and references?therefore, approximately 10?12 pages of text),ÿPlease do not exceed this total by more than a page. I will put a sample copy of a final project on Weds on a student that received an A.You DO NOT need an abstract. You may alter some headers (i.e your four issues) if you would like, but this is the type of formatting it should be. Many of the headers are things you need.ÿYou want to look at the outline template in week 5 and review the final project in “course information” to make sure you are answering all parts of the paper.ÿFinal Project Outline RevisionThe construction of your Final Project should be developing as you progress through this course.For this Assignment, revise and expand your initial Final Project Outline submitted in Week 5. Incorporate any Instructor feedback received and elaborate on one topic in Section I and one topic in Section II. Develop at least one paragraph per section including your references as needed.The requirements for this application are minimums intended to help you progress toward your Final Project due onÿDay 4ÿofÿWeek 11. You may expand further than one paragraph per section assigned or develop more than two sections. Doing so maximizes your opportunity for instructor feedback.The Assignment (2?3 pages):Revisit your initial outline and make revisions based on Instructor feedback.Select one topic that you outlined in Section I and one topic that you outlined in Section II that you want to use in your Final Project.Create a 1?2 page paragraph describing that bullet point.Required ResourcesReadingsRemley, T. P., Jr., & Herlihy, B. (2016).ÿEthical, legal, and professional issues in counselingÿ(5th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.Chapter 6, ?Records, Subpoenas, and Technology??Subpoenas? (pp. 148-153)Chapter 10, ?Technology in Counseling? (pp. 245-263)Chapter 15, “Supervision and Consultation”?Technology Issues in Supervision? (p. 370)ÿBradley, L. J., & Hendricks, B. (2009). E-mail and ethical issues.ÿThe Family Journal, 17(3), 267?271.Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.Midkiff, D. M., & Wyatt, W. J. (2008). Ethical issues in the provision of online mental health services (etherapy).ÿJournal of Technology in Human Services, 26(2-4), 310?332.Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.Shtarkshall, R. (2006). Responding to messages of adolescents on the Internet: Theoretical, practical, and ethical issues.ÿAmerican Journal of Sexuality Education, 1(4), 3?22.Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.Zack, J. S. (2008). How sturdy is that digital couch? Legal considerations for mental health professionals who deliver clinical services via the Internet.ÿJournal of Technology in Human Services, 26(2-4), 333?359.ÿRetrieved from the Walden Library databases.Document:ÿFormatted Template for Final Projectÿ(Word Document)

Week 9 Assignment


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