week 9 lesson plan 4

week 9 lesson plan 4. Building on Lesson Plan Parts 1, 2, and 3, write a 4-6 page paper in which you:Describe and explain reasons for the selection of three (3) oral questioning strategies and align each with your objectives and your students.Recommend and describe three (3) methods a teacher can use to demonstrate culturally responsive questioning with culturally and linguistically diverse students.Recommend and explain three (3) methods you will use for assessing students on the content of your unit and align each with your objectives and students. Include one (1) type of performance assessment (e.g., project or portfolio).Analyze and discuss the issues, benefits, and recommendations involved in preparing students for standardized tests. Explain your views and your recommendations regarding preparing students for standardized tests.Use at least five (5) scholarly sources published within the last ten (10) years to support your views and recommendations.

week 9 lesson plan 4


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