What is the appropriate use of the preganant women in the United States?

What is the appropriate use of the preganant women in the United States?. What is the appropriate use of the preganant ÿwomen in the United States?Prenantal Genetis Testing:More preganant women are being encouraged to participate inprenatal genetic testing during their first trimester.However, there is much debate about the appropriatess of genetic testing for all pregnant women due to the occurrence of misleading results and future privacy concern for the child.To fulfill the research component of this assignment, you mustÿú Conduct several searches using any databasesÿú Select at least five credible and scholarly, peer that support the topics and arguments you plan to present in your Final Research Paper.ÿthe written component of this you mustÿú Include a title page that is formatted in proper APA style.ÿú List APA-style references in alphabetical order along with your unique paragraph summaries.ÿú Annotation paragraphs must be original and cannot be copied from abstracts or other summaries.ÿAnnotations should containÿú A complete summary, in your own words, of the information presented in the article.ÿú Your analysis of the best use of this information in your paper, written in your own words.ÿú Identification of a possible topic sentence and/or claim the information will support.ÿThe bibliography must be 500 to 700 words in length and formatted according to APA style

What is the appropriate use of the preganant women in the United States?


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