Wild Wood Apartments 3-2

Wild Wood Apartments 3-2. The managers at Wild Wood Apartments are anxious to see some progress on their database. They have answered your questions and now want to see some results. They really want the new database to be in place before the beginning of the new fiscal year in July. It is time to design the database.To do1.ÿReview all the requirements and business rules.2.ÿDefine your entities and attributes and the relations thatexist between them.3.ÿCreate a logical model using crow?s feet notation in Visioor hand draw it on graph paper if you prefer.4.ÿAdd all the entities and their attributes.5.ÿIdentify the key fields for each entity and the foreignkeys.6.ÿAnalyze the diagram. Identify which role (i.e., domain,linking, lookup, or weak) each entity plays in yourdatabase.7. Have another student or a group review it for thefollowing:a. Are all the major components of the Wildwood Apartments business model represented by domain entities?b.ÿDoes each entity contain the appropriate attributes to fully describe it and meet the business rules you have gathered so far?c.ÿDoes every entity have an appropriate primary key defined?d. Are all many-to-many relationships resolved into one-to-many relationships by linking tables?e.ÿAre the relationships valid (no cross relationships)? Is the appropriate entity is defined as the one side of a one-to-many relationship? Do the tables have appro- priate foreign keys?f.ÿAre lookup tables used for attributes that have a set list of values?8. Documentation: Be sure to store your ERDs in your database notebook.ÿ(Conger 79)Conger, Steve. Hands-On Database,ÿ 2nd Edition. Pearson, 20150612. VitalBook file.The citation provided is a guideline. Please check each citation for accuracy before use.

Wild Wood Apartments 3-2


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