Winter Buoy Documentary Review

Winter Buoy Documentary Review. What is the message of this film? How does it communicate the experience of those impacted by mental illness, addiction, and homelessness? Do you agree or disagree with any parts of it? Why?Please define the individual, familial, community, public health, and societal crisis you observed in the film.Are the film?s messages about those impacted by mental illness, addiction, and homelessness portrayed realistically and/or accurately? If not, what needs to be changed?What were the agency staff member?s goals and objectives that informed their interventions? Can you apply their interventions to Maslow?s Hierarchy of Need? Please Explain.What did you observe in the staff member?s style of engagement with the participants? Did you find this style effective/ineffective? Explain.Did you observe any ethical dilemmas or blurring of boundaries? Explain.What factors influenced the characters? decisions and opinions about their life choices?As you watched the story progress, what were you thinking?If you had a chance to ask a character in this film a question, what would it be?If you could respond to the concerns, attitudes, and behaviors of any of the characters in the film, what would you say and why?Did any of the characters in this movie make you angry? Discuss why.If you were working with this demographic, what challenges/bias would you face?Is the problem/crisis to be solved in the film? How would you measure success while working with this demographic?

Winter Buoy Documentary Review


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