Write an essay about the trial of O.J. Simpson

Write an essay about the trial of O.J. Simpson. Essay (6 pages – double spaced) will focus on the the trial of O.J. Simpson. write a clear thesis statement in the introduction and center it around the impact of race and media involvement on the trial. (the trial is important because of the interference of racial considerations and media in the accusations and eventual outcome of the trial.)I have given a list of resources you can use, however feel free to add other sources. Make sure everything is formatted chicago style with citations.ÿList of some resoruces1. Linder, Douglas O. “O. J. Simpson Trial (1995).” Famous Trials.2. The People v. O. J. Simpson. February 02, 2016.3. Victor, Daniel. “The O.J. Simpson Murder Trial, as Covered by The Times.” NewYork Times. February 2, 2016.4. Hunt, Darnell. “O.J. Simpson Facts & Fictions: New Rituals in the Constructionof Reality.” University of Southern California.5. Ross, Janell. “Two decades later, black and white Americans finally agree on O.J.Simpson?s guilt.” The Washington Post. March 4, 2016.6. Boyette, Chris. “20 years later: Key moments from the O.J. Simpson trial.” CNN.October 6, 2015.

Write an essay about the trial of O.J. Simpson


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