writing 2334

writing 2334. 1. Complete the following problems from your textbook.ÿ Type your responses in any word-processor.Chapter 4:ÿ3,ÿ11,ÿ13,ÿ18ÿChapter 5:ÿ62. Time management reflection and planning.ÿ Consider the weekly schedule you developed on the time management worksheet.ÿPart 1: Write 1-2 paragraphs discussing the following:How well were you able to stick to your plan over two weeks?ÿ What got in the way if you found this challenging?Did following the plan help you do better in your classes?ÿ In which ways?ÿ What about other areas of your life?If following your plan was difficult, what changes could you make to make it easier to follow?ÿ What lessons from this exercise can you apply next quarter?Part 2: You should have already registered for your classes for next quarter by now.ÿ Make a new weekly schedule plan for your schedule next quarter and include it with this assignment.3. Engineering 101 self-assessment:ÿ List andÿexplainÿthe ten most important things you have learned in this class.ÿ In developing your list, consider the class discussions and activities, homework assignments, and presentations by guest speakers.ÿ4. Write at leastÿtwo questionsÿyou still have about engineering and/or computer science as a profession and/or the academic pathways to get there.ÿ The instructor will do their best to answer them in the Canvas feedback for this assignment.

writing 2334


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