Yhomit coll

Yhomit coll. Part 1 WorksheetFor your final project, you will need to collectÿa minimum of 4 Scholarly Sources. Theseÿ4 Scholarly Sourcesÿmust:Relate to the research questions you posed in your Week 2 concept map or outline.Make connections between your scholarly resources and your research topic?(Please note: you are building toward your project with each assignment in this course).When you have logged at least 4 Scholarly Sources, fill out the Source Organizational Worksheet and include:The bibliographical information asÿGivenÿin the worksheet,ÿANDSummarize the source in your own words with proper grammar and spellingThen attach the document to the assignment submission.Part 2 Paragraph SubmissionIn the textbox space, draft a 4-5 sentence paragraph with proper grammar and spelling, describing:Your source search processÿAndHow these sources might be useful in creating your final presentation about a career interest.SEE ATTACHMENT FOR CONCEPT MAPÿand fill out ÿworksheet for sources (attached)

Yhomit coll


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